Hi! I'm Luci/Luna and this is my silly little corner of the web!

Pronouns: she/it
Gender: demigirl
Early 20's
AuDHD + bitch idiot disorder
Spiritual dragonkin

This site will be a place for me to write about my spiritual, mental, psychedelic, and life experiences as a whole. My primary goal is to invite readers to question their beliefs about reality, who and what they are, their culture, and how these beliefs affect their lives and the world as a whole. My goal is absolutely not, however, to force any beliefs on others and tell them how they should live. I'm strictly against any form of dogmatism or forcing of beliefs. Nothing is be immune or exempt from questioning, everything should be questioned. Nobody knows anything, myself included!
Other than that, I also intend for this to be a hub for my music, art, and all sorts of fun stuff!

Anyways, my primary interests are: Consciousness, spirituality, psychedelics, shamanism, music, mental health, magick, human history, rock climbing, video games, VR, technology, schmovement, being silly, and existence as a whole!

to do

  • finish basic layout
  • write some posts
  • make button
  • make it pretty

site under construction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11